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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. braking news from baltimore county. an elderly couple killed inside their home. >> he see you him walk down the street. >> a first grader onto wrong bus and he was forced to walk alone. the full story. >> and 75 today. when will be look at more 80's? abc 2news starts right now. >> we start with a breaking news update out of baltimore. an elderly couple found dead. >> no suspects right now. let's go to christian. >> reporter: yeah. neighbors say a younger man had been living with that couple not far from pikesville. police say there were no signs
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of forced entry in to the house. they are looking for that younger man tonight. the investigation lasted late into the evening with photographs being taken inside the well kept home. two people were killed here, an elderly couple, neighbors say they were in their 80s. >> reporter: earlier a neighbor called police after getting a call from a regularrive -- a relative of the couple. >> we looked in the window, saw a man on the floor. officers made forced entry in to the home to check it out. found a female in the basement. >> reporter: police aren't saying how they died. >> the persons were dead from injuries. . >> reporter: police worry someone came in and targeted them but police haven't commented on another man who had been living at the home. they said there is no evidence of a breakn. >> no forced entry. . >> reporter: wes said everybody in the neighborhood knew and respected the victims. when many of them got home they saw their street blocked off.
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now they know more about what happened. they still want to know why. >> they were part of what made the neighborhood great. you know and sad that things have ended like this. >> reporter: police have not released the names of the two victims. their bodies have been taken for autopsy. if you have information about what may have happened this afternoon in baltimore county you are asked to call police. >> a father said he waited for his 6-year-old to step off the bus and he wasn't there. >> he started driving and he spotted him walking alone. >> cheryl connor with more on what the dad said happened and from the school system. >> reporter: the details from both sides aren't the same. the father said that his son was alone and scared. the school believes the driver
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went beyond the call of duty. carry waits every day outside of his home for his son to step off the bus. it's convenient and safe, that is until the bus comes without the 6-year-old. >> the rest of the students got off and not him. >> reporter: not on and no word from other students ohrt driver. campbell called logan elementary to realize his son was placed on the wrong bus. then he drove to the school figuring the driver would take him back but he saw on the second day of the school he can't erase. >> i was going up to the school and i saw him walking down the street alone crying. >> reporter: he believes the problem started before the boy left school. >> i don't belong on that bus. >> reporter: a spokesman for the school said justin was assigned to the wrong bus but he was never left alone. >> the bus driver realized the child was not comfortable after having got off the bus and made sure that they did not drive
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away, they kept the child in eight. . >> reporter: that's not the story terry said. he said justin was left off a quarter mile away from home. >> the driver said i stopped -- i stopped him and they said that's our policy. we can't leave none of the kids on the bus and we aren't obligated to call or anything. >> reporter: the school spokesman insists he wasn't alone. . >> if i'm not where i'm supposed to be it's a problem. >> reporter: justin was back to riding the bus later this week. the transportation department is still trying to reach terry to talk about the incident and see what can be done to improve safety. cheryl connor. >> all right. we are working for you right now with tips to keep your child safe when they ride the bus. first talk to them about their bus route so 42 know what they pass and how long it'll take.
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second, meet your child's bus driver. give them your contact information and ask for theirs. walk your child to the bus in the morning and meet the bus at the end of the school day. if you can't be there get a neighbor to be there to walk with your child to and from the bus stop. >> beautiful day giving way to yet at great night. mike here. it was a great night but kind of chilly. >> yeah. almost like you need that sweatshirt when you step out. kind of hits you. summer is about done. we have a beautiful evening. look at the shot behind me. we are talking -- show you what's going on. 75. that was the high today. look at oakland a struggle to get to 60 this afternoon. cool air and a dry air mass coming into play with temperatures into the 40s. you will wake up to a nice crisp morning. 54 degrees as you watch good morning maryland. 71 are around hundred -- around
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lunchtime. got three storms out in the atlantic to talk about a new depression, michael and leslie. talk about that in 9 seven day. >> all right. michael. new tonight the old plant caught fire tonight in kingsville. it goes back to the 1800's. they used to make rubber products for industries this fire started in the bottom of the elevator shaft and firefighters fought it from the outside. its been a clean up site. a great homecoming for 17 -year-old daniel. the perry hall senior shot on the first day of class has been in the hospital for the past two weeks. daniel had the night planned out to play with his dog, make tacos and watch the ravens. he has down syndrome and was recovering from several surgeries at shock trauma. his parents have been impressed but not surprised by dealing with pain to hospital food.
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a 15-year-old is charged with the shooting and has a bail review set for this coming thursday but the big news, daniel back home. >> a neighbor came to his rescue but it was to late for a little boy two months shave three. he drowned in a pool this afternoon. first responders arrive at the home they found a neighbor preforming cpr on the child. officials say there was a care taker and another young child but it's not clear where they were at the time of the drowning. investigators are trying to termine what happened. >> 57 days out to election day and a shake up tonight in one of the congressional races. wendy rossin dropping out of the race against the incumbent andy harris. the democratic party found out she was registered to vote in both florida and maryland and she voted in the general election in both states. they frown on that. they call that voter fraud. the governor has a big working
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trip planned in november. he will head to israel. his office said it's a business development trip. the schedule is up in the air but he will be part of ayodele gaze visiting for eight days. he will meet with the prime minister, this is the second such trip for him. >> tomorrow mosquito control will be out. they plan to spray. trucks will be out afternoon dusk. if you see them it's best to go inside. the spray is meant to kill the mosquitoes carrying west nile. as of today the government said there is been eight human cases of the disease in the baltimore area. several more sprays are scheduled for the rest of the month. on wednesday they will spray in the millford mill area and the 18th they will be back. >> before the first kickoff, before the national anthem played, we took a moment tonight to remember a legend.
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the stadium fell quiet in remembers art. we saw the loss on ray louis's face. his eyes tell the story. he saw art as a father figure, who brought football back to the city. in honor the players wore a decal and t-shirts under their jerseys. the funeral is set for tomorrow. art would have loved that game. the crowd was loud and into it from the start. speaking of the start, it was the first play of the game. joe just winds up and lets it fly. on the receiving end. torry smith and this set up the first three points of the game from tucker and ray rice an the ground. ran seven strong yards in for the score. he had just a great night. here he is, watch this throw. a 34-yard touchdown pass. this one to bolden. it was 17-10 at the half. second half joe again. watch this. back foot, finds dennis, pitta for six and then here is the record breaker.
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ed lee picks one off and return itself to e house. he has the most interception return yards in nfl history passing rob woodson. this was over. >> he looked good. it was a great effort as the ravens piled on the points. >> everybody has to be happy with this one tonight. here it is. sports -- live at the stadium. scotty. >> reporter: it's not supposed to be this easy but the ravens took it to the bengals. art loved parties and this was a party that he would have loved. there is no question he was here in spirit toxqs;eyas you said. the decals on the helmet. all the ravens wore a white t- shirt under their jersey was a picture of art on it. one. sure we can find a few things tomorrow. the point total 44 was the third most the ravens have scored in their history. the new look offense, joe had
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a great game and you said ed reed went in to the record books. harbaugh happy and likes his quarterback. >> we know what we got. a lot of football games. it's 'iy to -- the pundits, to -- that's what you do. you try to figure out and write stories. joe will be a great player, he is a great player, he has been a great player. >> sure hes. sure he. sure hes. of course he is. he is a winner, he is a one of the toughest quarterbacks i have been around. he is the best i have been around. >> art always around us, always the owner that you see in the pitches, see you on the tv. he was always with his players. he was always hugging them and they talked with him. we knew that -- we want wanted
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to do something. we always have the t-shirts in baltimore. always having something. >> why they are here and why they are here tonight they played great football against the bengals. the other three teams in the afc north all lost in week one including the steelers. the ravens have a one game lead onto field. back to art you mentioned the funeral tomorrow. several former ravens expected in town including guys like todd heap who is leaving the cardinals to be here. tony, i'm sure quite a outpouring of love for him but was all ravens here tonight. number 15 now. there you go. the orioles got quite a cheer out there. >> they did. >> just released dash camera video from the day of the s
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had, ikh temple shooting. >> what the first officer saw and heard on that deadly day last month. >> and this is our brand new wmar app. 64 annapolis. that's the warmest spot in town. we have to go 1700 miles out toward the west to find it. >> and you may want to think twice of sharing photographs on social media after you see this. why it pays to read the fine print when we come back. s eve. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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. dash cam video taken the day of the temple shooting that happened in august. this is the video from the officer's. he was one of the first to arrive and you can hear gun fire as the suspect started shooting. >> [inaudible]
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. six were killed before the suspect turn turned the gun on himself. >> no deal tonight for schoolteachers in chicago. the head of the school barred said the strike will go into a second day. thousands of teachers striking after negotiations of a new contract broke down sunday nigh instead of being in the classroom they spent the day out pickets. >> they are reportedly close on compensation but are still baring over a few items. >> its been 11 years since september 1st. on the eve of that we are getting two pieces of positive news. >> first a financial agreement to let the memorial go forward. the second the government will cover patients who got cancer because of the debris.
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>> er aren't11 years later the government acknowledged people may have been exposed to cancer causing toxins. that day thousand of first responders, rushed to ground zero. >> they were there to help safe whoever could be saved. >> reporter: some saved for months. over the next several years many argued toxins gave them cancer. officials pushed back on paying the bills, arguing there was no proof of connection between the air at ground zero and cancer. >> they knew it wasn't safe not with standing what the epa said but it didn't matter. >> reporter: now a total 180. based on new evidence, the government announced 50 new cancers will be covered by
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settlement fund. >> the first responders, who were there for us, we will be there for them. we will compensate them. >> reporter: the president marked the upcoming anniversary. >> chance to honor courage of the first responders who risked their lives on that day and every day since. >> the compensation fund went into effect last year and no additional money is expected to be added even with this announcement unless congress acts. >> we cover the 9/11 anniversary tomorrow. coverage start was good morning maryland. linda will be live at the world trade center. join us at 4:30. we will be first onto air. >> posted a photograph to facebook what happens to it? it stays on your page, or does it? >> they can live on in other places, even in other websites. john is working for you tonight
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with a warning for everybody who shares pictures on social media. >> reporter: almost everybody is on some social networking site . none of us read the terms of service. all that fine print. wait until you hear what you have been missing. facebook, twitter, linked in, skype, sign up, click the agree buton and you are on your way to sharing. a time magazine warns are you hand away your rights every time you do it. most sites have the right to use, delete or display your photographs. facebook you give the site permission to track websites you visit even when you aren't on facebook. and and the growing number of social media site that won't let you delete things. time said facebook holds deleted content for what it calls a reasonable period of time. twitter holds photographs forever for legal reasons.
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doesn't that stink? time said skype won't let you delete accounts. nobody will start reading the terms on websites but it's just good to remember that when you post something to the social networking site you no longer own it so post carefully so you don't waste your money. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast,. >> chilly night. want to take you out to the i- 68 corridor in boston. take a look at the clouds, make suit sun and clouds, check this out. out -- lower 40s for us. some of the shots, fall air off the mountains. here is the shot downtown. beautiful shot. as of 11:00. 78% humidity. it's a very dry atmosphere out there right now. that pressure steady. 59, 52 up toward the north and
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west. winds have relaxed some. 454 when you wake up. it's a beautiful afternoon. wall to wall coverage. 78 for the daytime high. few clouds off the coastline. that is on top of us for much of the week. a lot of sun, cool night and warm afternoon for the next several days. 58. the cool air on top of us. out to the west of the river, the dakota's into the 70's. 100 degrees and parts of south dakota today. all that heat will stay off toward the west for the next eight to ten days, high pressure locks in the canada air flow. really pleasant weather and a locality of sun over much of the state. couple systems to talk about. this is leslie pushing over southeast canada. right over the shipping lanes,
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the maritime of canada and then michael that's a storm. this is going to push toward the north and a new system starting to pop now this is a depression right now but it could be nadine in the next 48 hours. all these system that we have been looking at on the models, not indicating any kind of threat to lower 48. that's good news. look at the forecast trend temperatures, into the 40s. 50 in town. tomorrow afternoon lots of sun. get in to the 70s. that's ing for around 50 in town tonight. clear, cool and crisp, tomorrow a beautiful afternoon. lots of sunshine. 77 degrees in the city. it'll be a struggle to get out of the up 60s. 82 by wednesday. nice warming trend. 84 on thursday. friday finish out at 82. maybe a few showers, back into the picture for sunday. around 77. we have tampa bay rays in town starting tuesday. the weather will be fantastic
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and like baseball weather. we are feeling it and feeling winds going into thursday. >> get to the car. >> we have to cover you up. look at you. cold cold cold. >> no kidding. a dance studio offering pole dancing to children. the twisted grip dance and fitness studio will offer the class teaching young girls to dance on the pole. the owner said the customers were asking about classes for kids and children as young as five are enrolled. proponents say its fitness so this is the hot topic. what do you think? we asked would you let your little girl take pole dancing classes? join in on the conversation, no. . >> nothing. >> more more of the news when we come back. >> bill weir with a look at
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what you will see. >> coming up, the explosive look inside the oval office to reveal the faceoff between the president and republicans as financial disaster loomed. and the pressures of being perfect inside competitive cheerleading. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next.
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. searching for her could put a spell on your computer. emma watson named the most
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dangerous online celebrity, it calead to links that down load viruses. . >> this is no normal -- a marriage of agriculture and technology. the family out of canada decided to create a qr code, you have seen them, you can get -- you can scan them on the phone. i bet you have never seen this. seven acres worth. it's a cool marketing tool. when it's scanned it'll take you to their family website. >> wow. >> that is --. i have dreams of being sucked in a corn maze. >> you want to be in that one? >> here is the forecast through the rest of tonight. in to the other 50s. we will start off 54, 71 around lunchtime. 73 during the course of the afternoon. 78, by the daytime high. wrap it up during the break. ñ[= ♪
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. thank god it was a good day. >> a great game. >> watch the game and -- at the same time. >> entertaining. >> i didn't play. >> have a good night. >> have a great week. 1nw
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